Work With Me

I’m thinking of trying out a new line of work.

To make a long story short: I have pretty extensive experience in making (and just withstanding…) major life changes. And I have a certain perspective on all of this, due to my education in philosophy and psychology. Somehow, I’d like to help others face the changes in their own lives.

My first step on this path involves getting a lot of practice speaking with people who are grappling with changes in their lives, or who are considering making changes in the near future.

(Such as: getting married or divorced, becoming a parent, leaving or entering academia, etc).

For one month, I’d like to take one call per day of this kind. It’s happening mid-April to mid-June, 2019.

You’ll unload (to the extent that makes you comfortable, completely confidential),

I’ll practice active listening and maybe ask you a few questions to move your thinking forward.

This would be a great chance for us to get to know each other a little bit, if we’ve been in each other’s online orbits for a while. Or we could catch up if we’ve lost touch.

I have mid-day slots on M/W/F, some T/Th evening slots, and lots of weekend time.

Please sign up here – this won’t hurt a bit, promise! I hope our conversation will be mutually useful.

Or you can email me with any questions: