Why You Should Stop Lying To Your Kids This Year

For 6 months or so, one of my ancient chihuahua’s eyes has been on the fritz. Then a few days ago, that eye went murky and red with blood and Chip started hiding under the bed. I was able to rationalize not taking him to the emergency vet on Christmas day. The following day, Chip was still moping around and I had no choice but to drag him to our regular vet with both my young daughters in tow.

The main reason this horrible journey is at all feasible with 2 kids is because the vet’s waiting room kindly offers an unlimited supply of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. I think between the three of us, my toddler, baby, and I ate 4 (though we definitely could have kept going).

I had to take Chip back for a followup 2 days later. Thankfully, this was enough lead time to arrange a sitter. As usual, I told my 3-year old where I was going: “gotta take Chip back to the dog doctor.”

Naturally, she asked me for cookies — “the very chocolate cookies.” I promised to bring back a double chocolate cookie for her and even semi-intended to bring a sandwich bag for carrying it.