Hi, my name is Pamela J. Hobart.

I’m a writer, mother, wife, philosopher, dog wrangler, and gadget-loving amateur chef, in no particular order. Now, I do all of these things here in Brooklyn, though I grew up outside of Atlanta. 

I studied philosophy for a long time, maybe too long, and ultimately dropped out of a PhD program in 2010 (no real regrets). 

Met my husband (on OkCupid, no less) after a few years of post-academic drifting and spent 2015 to the present largely focused on the exigencies of pregnancy and “stay at home” childrearing. 

Never really established a career, though I’ve had a bunch of jobs: teaching philosophy (intro, ethics, bioethics), operations management at startups, assistant in a law office, social media, content farming… 

Although I’ve long resisted the label, it now seems that I’m becoming a writer when I grow up. 

My main projects right now are: a subscription newsletter for moms and a site about death & grief which I’ve come to think of as a substitute for the dissertation I never finished (or started…) 

1 January 2019. First selfie after cutting my own bangs on NYE.